Wood Artist Competition 2013:

Oeuvre A:

I chose the Padauk wood and the love chest subject...

I chose the Padouk wood because it's my favorite wood for sculpting and the Love Chest subject: you can find the heart subject on every side of the chest...
The Padouk wood panel on the left of the chest (main Face): it shows Europe and Jupiter. Jupiter is the master of the Gods in Italy mythology, he metamorphosizes into a bull...
The assembly of the sides of my love chest: it has dovetail joints, very interesting assembly!
God with a different face: on top of the chest, the world emerging from chaos with God's Levitation.
A meteorite sphere and the meteorite machete inside of the love chest: I created the design and made the meteorite machete but not the meteorite sphere. They are some very expensive materials! The name of the inside of the love chest is the Crypt with the Golden Goddess...
On the small sides, crosses and hearts I designed for the Love Chest.

The Padouk wood panel (1): Europe and Jupiter

Love Chest Part I:



The movie this time is about the assembly of the sides of my Love Chest ... The dovetail joints or simply dovetail is a joint technique we use when we need a strong and beautiful assembly: cabinetry or carpentry.

Love Chest Part II




Love Chest, Part III

A master piece : the Love Chest with a lot of new design.
God with different faces; the beautiful woman from the greek mythology...
A meteorite sphere and the meteorite machete!




Oeuvre B:

The Tiger Face:

I chose the Zebrawood because the fibres alternance are black and white, it's pretty like the tiger hairs.


Wood Competition at Forest Heritage Center Museum:

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